A List of 15 Unprocessed Foods To Add To Your Diet

Processed foods are linked to an early death. A healthy diet focuses on unprocessed foods.

Processed vs Unprocessed foods: why does it matter?

Processed foods are foods that have been altered in some way or another. Yes, that includes fries, cooked chicken, or anything that has been cooked in a way or form.

Some experts have classified foods into processed and highly processed foods. Some examples of foods that have been highly processed include pre-packed pizzas, chicken nuggets and fizzy drinks. Basically, the more the food changes from its original form, the more processed it is. The more processed the food, the less healthy it is.

While we cannot completely stop eating processed foods, we can focus on adding more unprocessed food to our diet to stay healthy. Highly processed foods increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and coronary artery disease ( heart disease).  In fact, Highly processed foods have been linked to Early death in multiple studies.  

So here is a list of 15 unprocessed food items to include in your diet: 
  1. Fruits 
  2. Vegetables
  3. Cheese 
  4. Milk
  5. Eggs
  6. Pasta 
  7. Couscous 
  8. Unsweetened Yoghurt 
  9. Lentils
  10. Beans
  11. Quinoa
  12. Chickpeas
  13. Nuts
  14. Seeds
  15. Organic seafood

Remember that you can supplement your unprocessed food diet by drinking water as it’s the best option when compared to soft drinks and packed juices with added preservatives.

Now here is a list of some examples of processed foods to avoid:
  1. Fizzy drinks (all forms) 
  2. Prepacked Pizzas
  3. Most fast food items (nuggets, fries) 
  4. Processed meat (hot dogs, sausages) 
  5. Ice cream and candy bars

In general, foods that have added sugar and refined grains are usually processed foods. Always check the ingredients of your food items for added substances and try to choose items with fewer additives.

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