32 Heart Warming Acts of Kindness

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see' Mark twain

Research shows that people who perform acts of kindness lead happier more satisfied lives than those who don't. 

Below are 32 acts of kindness that can bring happiness to others and make your day better !

  1. Volunteer at the local shelter
  2. Distribute free clothes
  3. Donate books to the library 
  4. Offer to help your elderly neighbours in their daily errands like shopping  or housekeeping
  5. Offer to babysit someone's pets
  6. Pay a generous tip
  7. Buy from the small shop in the corner to help the owner out
  8. Purchase a new blanket and give it to a  homeless person
  9. Write a letter to someone who has helped you in the past and mail it to them 
  10. Sponsor a child 
  11. If you see someone is in a rush, let them go ahead of you in the line 
  12. Donate blood
  13. Become an organ donor 
  14. Smile at people even if you don't know them
  15. Hold the door
  16. Offer to babysit for parents with newborn children 
  17. Always offer your seat in the bus 
  18. In a social event, sit with the person who has no friends 
  19. Say Hello and Thank you to the cashier 
  20. Send a thank you note to a a friend or family member for something they did
  21. Make sure you buy enough shopping to have enough to donate to the food bank  
  22. Volunteer to help cook dinners at the local shelter 
  23. Compliment someone you know and tell them something that will make their day better
  24. Donate money for a cause 
  25. Pay a visit to the  children's hospital and make some magic by bringing some colors, sketchbooks and wearing a fun costume 
  26. Leave a snack or some cookies for the mailman 
  27. Buy the person behind you in line some coffee
  28. When a resturant is really good, leave a great comment on their social media pages
  29. Donate your hair for those who need wigs
  30. Give someone an unexpected gift for no special occasion 
  31. Volunteer to read books for kids at the library

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