5 Health Benefits of Chocolate

Researchers have indicated that chocolate has benefits that help boost health, blood flow, and memory. Earlier research showed preliminary evidence that cocoa and other chocolates have the ability to normalize high blood pressure for hypertensive persons, make the blood regulates well and make the heart function healthy, but that is just one of the benefits of chocolate.

5 Benefits of Chocolate

1-Chocolate helps regulate blood flow

Studies reveal that a component in cocoa triggers any fatty substances in the bloodstream in order to avoid clogging of the arterial and even makes the platelets act by sticking together and helps prevent blood clots. These components are known as Flavonoids which come from the cocoa beans are known is flavanols. Flavonol can have a similar effect to a low dose of aspirin.

Blood platelet activity is related to the benefits produced by Nitric Oxide. According to studies,  Nitric Oxide is produced and regulated by cocoa, which is essential for healthy blood flow and also for blood pressure. This activity promotes healthy blood flow and may prevent health risks such as blood clots. Though it’s not real medicine, it was once considered the best alternative approach by naturopaths. In general, studies have found that dark chocolate has high amounts of flavonoids when compared to white chocolate. The way that the cocoa powder and syrup of white chocolate are processed removes essential flavonoids.

2- Chocolate has a positive impact on the heart and the cardiovascular system

Findings also show that a higher intake of flavanol in the human body also relates to the intense activity of Nitric Oxide. This Nitric Acid has a very significant role in maintaining healthy blood pressure and has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system. A clinical trial conducted in 2019, showed that the consumption of dark chocolate was associated with a significant decline in blood levels of triglycerides. High levels of triglycerides are associated with a higher risk of stroke.

3- Chocolate helps reduce your perception of pain

It has been observed that several bioactive components, compounds and substances in chocolate are proven to promote a state of alertness, promote well-being, and even lessen pain. Facts show that the stimulants caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine, and tyramine provide a brain fogged for a desire needed lift. Tryptophan, an essential amino acid works to lessen any form of anxiety by the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin; endorphins, the body’s neutral opiates; all of these are categorized to lessen body pain.

4- Chocolate has a sedative effect

Other compounds like Anandamide serve effects that are similar to cannabinoid which promotes and regulates relaxation. One of the well-known benefits of chocolate is that it can cause a feeling of being “high”; similar to the effect of taking marijuana. Chocolate is also a natural kind of analgesic. It has multiple effects such as producing an energy lift, lessening anxiety, and reduction of perception of pain.

5- Chocolate helps prevent memory decline

A study by the American Academy of Neurologists has shown that drinking hot chocolate can help halt memory decline in elderly people. They recommended the regular consumption of chocolate milk to gain the maximum benefits of chocolate.

Although some could always argue that chocolates don’t contain much of these benefits and. For example, many will say that caffeine in chocolate is the substance the makes us alert. Another possible explanation of the feeling of being alert after consuming a bar of chocolate and that good feeling of satisfaction could be caused by the activity of sugar-induced energy high. So although we may not know exactly what it is in Chocolate that creates its phenomenal effect, we can all agree that Chocolate = happiness!

Photo by Delphine Hourlay from Pexels

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