7 Health benefits of Green Tea Proven by Research

Which of the benefits attributed to Green Tea have been substantiated by research? Let's see which 7 health benefits Green tea were proven by animal experiments.

Studies on animal models show that green tea had a number of benefits, lets review the top 7  health benefits of Green Tea : .

  1. 1 Protection against degenerative diseases.

    Animal studies show that Green tea provides protection against some degenerative diseases. 

    Earlier stidies focused on Green tea's role in preventing arthitis. According to research, green tea has a component that has the ability to reduce inflammation. Research also suggests that antioxidants have the capacity to delay any arthritic process that might occur and minimizing irritable symptoms as well.

    Recent studies have shifted towards documenting the role of Green tea in preventing other degenerative disesases , particuly diseases affecting the brain.

    Recently, thee are many new research papers exploring this further and emerging studies are showing that Green tea may protect against Parkinson’s Disease.

  2. 2 Protection against Liver cancer

    Because the liver is a vital organ responsible for metabolism, it is greatly affected by green tea. There is a strong correlation between liver function and antioxidants. When the liver does its job, it filters the body from toxins and washes them away through excretion. Toxins is a general term used to refer to harmful substances that we gather through daily living like digested food, consumed water, alcohol intake and even remnants of cigarette smoking. What green tea provides the body is stimulating and strengthening the immune system making the liver more capable of filtering every single substance that can be dangerous to the body.

    What researchers have discovered recntle, is even more fascinating, Green tea has been shown to have an antiproliferative activity on hepatoma cells- so, in other words,  it prevents liver cells from multiplying uncontrollably. This is critical because this stage of uncontrolled cell growth usually comes before tumours or malignancies develop. It seems that Green tea acts at a very early stage to prevent such growths. 

  3. 3 Protection against breast cancer

    Animal research suggests that green tea may be preventive against breast cancer. This may come from its role as an antioxidant, where it resuces the effect of free oxygen radicals on cells or it could be due to another pathway. However, it is important to note that results from studies on its role in the prevention of breast cancer in humans have been mostly inconsistent. 

  4. 4 Protection against tumour growth

    With the discovery of green tea being able to help in cancer prevention and treatment, a lot of studies are trying to support every claim. It is said that through drinking green tea, cancer has shown significant evidences of diminishing cancer cell results. Preliminary investigations have proven that green tea can prevent the growth of cancer cells in organs like the digestive system, urinary bladder, and the pancreas. Green tea contains “Anti-tumorigenic agents”and this means it contains agents that act against uncontrolled cell activity that may lead to tumour growth. 

  5. 5 Improves mental performance - boosts attention, memory and cognition.

    Nope, this is not your usual caffeine  effect. Green tea contains something called  L-theanine- and theogallin which were found to increase mental alertness, arousal, learning ability and memory. Studies show that the consumption of Green tea creates a state of heightened awareness and improved cognition. 

  6. 6 Prevents Oxidative Stress

    Green tea helps in preventing oxidative stress. Over time, our cells “wear out” due to oxidation. Because green tea contains antioxidants, it helps prevent this cell damage.

  7. 7 Reduces the risk of Heart disease

    By reducing incidences of increased cholesterol level in our body, it therefore reduces the body's risk of hypertension and cardiac diseases. Long-term consumption of tea catechins helps protect  against diet-induced obesity and type II diabetes, in addition to reducing the risk of coronary disease.

    Studies also show that green tea can help minimize thrombosis formation which is also an associated factor to heart disease. When thrombosis goes into blood circulation, there will come a time when the thrombus will block the way of the blood that is supposed to go to the heart and this will compromise the heart with blood supply.

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