Does Green Tea Help Women Lose Weight ?

Green tea is known to have a lot of beneficial effects on our health. Often, women use Green tea as a weight loss regimen. Does it really work? Let's research !

Green Tea – Why Drink It?

In Asia, green tea is quite popular. For many generations, the tea has already been a part of family gatherings and even their day to day lives. There are various reasons why Asian people loved to drink green tea. Aside from its excellent taste, you can also derive some health benefits from drinking green tea. Recently, medical communities and western countries have recognized the benefits of drinking green tea.

Because of today’s advanced science, many medical experts are discovering green tea’s healing properties. Green tea is mainly made up of antioxidants which can help in improving overall health.

People with weight problems can also take green tea instead of water and juices to reduce weight since the tea can suppress appetite.


Does Green tea help women lose weight? Today we will look at a clinical trial conducted in 2008. The trial was conducted in Taiwan and it included a total of 78 women who were ’obese’ as per their BMI measurements. Some were given green tea some were not.

Paper name and author: 

Effect of green tea extract on obese women: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.Hsu CH, et al. Clin Nutr. 2008.

What was done?

So, basically the experiment involved putting the participants into two groups:  A and B. All of the women took one capsule (400mg) three times each day for 12 weeks. One group got green tea extract in the capsules and the other had a placebo (a pill with no real effect).

Then the researchers tracked the participants – they measured the body weight (BW), body mass index (BMI) and waist circumflex (WC) at the beginning of the study and again after 12 weeks.

What did they find out?

  • Minimal reduction in body weight in the group taking the green tea
  • No statistical difference in the reduction of the BMI or waist circumference or body weight (means that they basically crunch the weight and other numbers in both groups and compare them to see if there was a real difference between the two groups and if there is a difference could it have occurred by chance?
  • The good thing was that the group taking the green tea had higher levels of HDL cholesterol (or the good one) and lower levels of LDL cholesterol (or the bad one).


Does this mean green tea does not cause weight loss? Not necessarily. This is one experiment -that was conducted in a very professional way (the participants were unaware what they were taking to avoid bias) and the participants were randomly assigned to the groups (so we can assume there are no differences between the two groups except the green tea) so we focused on it.

However, this remains just one clinical trial and maybe future studies will yield different results.


So Does Green tea help women lose weight? To date, there is no conclusive evidence that green tea does in fact help in weight loss for women. If it does, this effect is so minimal that it could not be seen in this research experiment (and many others). Green tea may have many health benefits, however weight loss is not a proven one.

Keep in mind that this article review is based on this single experiment and that future research may prove otherwise.

Disclaimer: The above post is based on our views of already established research. The paper quoted above remains the property of its authors. The paper above is not the only one in the field our papers my report different findings so do not take our analysis as an all-encompassing opinion. The opinions expressed here are in no way a replacement of an expert professional opinion. Products displayed on the website are not related to the research papers cited. Any posted product links to other websites may include monetized affiliate links.

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