What Are The 3 Key Elements of A Menopause Herbal Combination?

What is a menopause herbal combination?

Well, the name tells it all.

Menopause herbal combination is a mix of a number of helpful herbs mixed together to provide relief. Because it is contained in just one capsule, it spares you the trouble of going through an assortment of herbs and products. Menopause herbal combinations are a convenient way of alleviating the symptoms that usually beset every woman undergoing the menopausal stage.

The Essential Herbs

A menopause herbal combination may be comprised of several different herbs. However, certain herbs are standard in almost every formula available. These herbs include  the following:

• Black Cohosh

Known for its therapeutic benefits, the black cohosh, or Cimicifuga racemosa, is a small herb that was used by Native Americans for a variety of female problems. Recent clinical studies of this plant led to the discovery of some active components present that classifies it as a phytoestrogen. These ingredients include acetin, cimicifugioside, acetylacteal, 27-deoxyactin, cimigenol, and deoxyacetylateal. Although it is not known exactly how it works, various studies have shown that these components act on the hormonal system by mimicking the effects of estrogen. Because of these properties, the black cohosh is a common ingredient in most menopause herbal combinations.

It is important to note that Black Cohosh has so serious side effects. It has been associated with liver damage and may affect the kidneys. It is contraindicated in cases of pregnancy, breast cancer, fibroids and may increase the risk of blood clots.

• Chaste Berry

The chaste berry tree is a large shrub native to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. The chaste berry is so-called because of its perceived ability to suppress sexuality. The Greeks and Romans used it to encourage chastity while the medieval monks added it to their food to reduce sexual desire. Today, the chaste berry is used almost exclusively for disorders of the female reproductive system. It is the herbal remedy recommended by naturopathic physicians to treat premenstrual syndrome and peri- or postmenopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes. For this reason, chaste berry is a standard herb included in a menopause herbal combination.

While all herbs carry the potential for causing health implications, this herb is contraindicated in pregnancy, in cases of hormonal disbalances such as breast cancer and for women on oral contraceptives. It also affects the levels of dopamine so it may interact with medications for Parkinson’s or other neurological diseases.

• Dong Quai

Another important constituent of a menopause herbal combination is the dong quai herb. Dong quai, also known as Angelica sinensis, is a famous herb in China. It has been used for thousands of years as a food additive and a medicine to treat all kinds of diseases. It is also known as the “female ginseng.” Among its many uses, the dong quai plant is used to treat various disorders associated with menopausal and menstrual difficulties. In fact, this plant gained its reputation in several Western countries as the “menopause herb” for its countless benefits in correcting hormonal imbalance.

It does have some notable side effects such as bloating, high blood pressure, diarrhea and excessive bleeding.

Watch out For Other Ingredients

Besides the herbs mentioned above, menopause herbal combinations may contain other herbs as well, added to treat specific symptoms. Many menopausal herbal combinations mix soy, kava, and dandelion root, added with a dose of vitamins E, C, and B, magnesium, and calcium.

Although these combination products may contain only small amounts of herbs than what is typically recommended in order for them to work, a menopause herbal combination would provide you with an overall effect that could reduce hot flashes and other discomforts associated with menopausal symptoms.

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Always Check out the Product Information

Menopause herbal combinations owe all its health benefits from other herbs. You can experiment with other herbs also but make sure that you research each one thoroughly as some herbs may not work quite so well when used in conjunction with other herbs. Worse, some may even prove to be dangerous to your health. Before trying a menopause herbal combination, always consult your healthcare provider and read the label carefully to ascertain that it has all the key ingredients and check the number of milligrams of each ingredient.

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