What is the best Travel Pillow ?

When you go travel on long trips you would need to carry a travel pillow. For many people, the travel pillow really helps avoid sore neck pains after long trips.

  • What is the best travel pillow?
  • There is a huge selection of neck pillows available, its really hard to recommend a specific one, but if you read the questions below, we can show you how to pick the one that best suits YOU. 
  • Is a travel pillow worth it?
  • Depends on whether you sleep without one on the plane or not. So if you can sleep on the chair and don’t need the extra support for your neck- no they are not worth it. If you need that extra support then yes – it’s totally worth it. Some pillows on Amazon cost less than $20 and are of good quality.
  • How do I choose the best travel pillow for long flights?
  • I would say don’t buy until you try the pillow. I usually try pillows at different shops then buy a similar, 5 stars rated one from Amazon. While there is no magic formula, some important points to keep in mind are: 
  • Lightweight  to carry around
  • Made of durable material 
  • Provides good neck support – some cheap editions look good but when you actually put them around your neck they don’t provide any support
  • Made of breathable material  preferably something that can be wiped off if it stains 
  • I personally think memory foam is the best option when it comes to the filling material of the pillow but do explore all options before choosing
  • Not too stiff – you will get a sore neck ! 
  • What is the best neck pillow to buy?  
  • Here are a few suggestions from Amazon’s top-rated neck pillows  :

[affegg id=1]

  • What is the best neck pillow for side sleepers?
  • If you sleep on the side you would need a neck pillow that has good side support and that can balance off your head movement. If you look at the options below, you will find that most pillows for side sleepers seem to be bulkier and encompass a wider part of the neck- just to give that extra support. Here are some of Amazon’s bestseller pillows for side sleepers.  

[affegg id=2]

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